2nd Grade


2nd Grade
  • 1 Pair of Headphones

  • 1 Composition Notebook: wide rule, not spiral

  • 2 Vinyl pocket folders with prongs: solid colors only

  • 2 boxes of Crayons: 24 count, Crayola*

  • Black Dry erase markers: 1 pack, wide tip, Expo*

  • Pencil box: No bags please 

  • 4 Glue sticks: No liquid glue please

  • Scissors: 1 pair, child size

  • 1 box of Facial tissues: family size

OPTIONAL: If you can contribute to our classroom community, these additional items would be helpful.

  • Zip-lock bags:  quart and gallon size

  • Disinfecting wipes: Clorox type, no baby wipes

  • Hand sanitizer: 1 bottle, pump top