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Last Week Information 2020

posted May 24, 2020, 4:42 PM by Chelsea Lindeman
This is our last week of school. It has not been the end of the year we had expected, and there are so many traditions that we love to celebrate at the end of the year that we missed out on. From kickball, to field day, awards assemblies, yearbooks, and even shaving my head after CMAS.

This you will have time to complete any makeup work, but mostly it is for fun. Classrooms may have projects, virtual field trips, and Coach will be sending out a virtual field day. Please send us photos of you participating.

The following week we will have scheduled times for families to come and pick up personal items, pictures, and awards. This schedule will be posted and shared. I recognize that this schedule may not be convenient if you have students in multiple grades, but with small halls ways and classrooms we needed to prioritize safety and compliance for the pick up time. We appreciate your flexibility to support this process. Each classroom will have a three hour time frame to collect there items, and a specific door to enter. Only one family member will be allowed to accompany the student, so please plan accordingly. All who enter the building will be asked to wear a mask. If you do not have one we will have a small supply on hand. We know our teachers would love to hug and be close to our student, however during these times we ask that you work with your student to maintain social distance during your pick up time.

Please email at or message us of Facebook with any questions.

Date Time/ teacher Enterance for families
6/1 8:00-11:00
Commianni Kinder door
Reveles Main door
Herrera Playground door
Borgstedt Basketball door
pre k 3yr pre k exterior door
Champ Exterior door south parking lot

Mirano Kinder door
Mrs. Clark Playground door
Urenda Basketball door
Pre k 4 year exterior door

6/2 8:00-11:00
Mr. Clark Main door
Lindeman Playground door
Hughes Corner door
Huff Basketball door

Drury Kinder door
Busch Basketball door
Reno Corner door
Lira Playground door