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Student Council

2017/2018 Student council helped with October carnival, so much fundraising, and raised over $1,000 for Leukemia Foundation. We celebrated our wonderful team work by visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2016/2017 Student council worked very hard! At the end of the year, weather was not on our side. Instead of a trip to Sports Authority Field, we settled for a movie at Pueblo Tinseltown! Still super fun!
Student Council

If you are interested in joining student council, please apply school year 2017/2018! Some of the jobs student council participates in include:
- Working at the Carnival
- Helping with pickle/candy sale Thursday's after school
- Helping with Santa gift Shop
- Working at the Book Fair
- Help organize and run Positive Behavior Assemblies
- Above all, being an excellent student and member of Beulah Heights